Focus on Energy

For over 12 years, Lexington Homes has been proud to build quality Focus on Energy certified homes. Our construction partners are trained to help build homes that are safer, more energy efficient and comfortable homes. Every home in the Focus on Energy New Homes Program undergoes a series of performance tests and must meet specific program standards that are 25 % more energy efficient than Wisconsin’s state building code.

  • Lower energy bills – A Focus on Energy Certified New Home is at least 25 % more efficient than homes that are merely built to code, which means lower energy costs and more efficient performance.
  • Comfort – Expect air tightness that minimizes drafts and creates superior indoor air quality. Sealed combustion equipment and carbon monoxide detectors ensure combustion safety and whole-house ventilation for proper circulation.
  • Proof of quality – Your Building Performance Consultant conducts two site visits to review construction and overall performance; conducts scientific tests to ensure the proper performance of the air sealing, insulation, ventilation and combustion equipment; and certify your home.
  • Resale advantage – A Focus on Energy New Home Certification offers added value when looking to resell your home.